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Employing over 26,000 staff across the United Kingdom, the Go-Ahead Group is one of the UK’s leading public transport providers. Listed in the FTSE 250, the Go Ahead Group provides more than a billion public transport journeys each year and is the largest operator of bus services in London. In 2013 the Go Ahead Group and the TalentLink partnered to design a leadership development programme focusing on the development of the communication and presentation skills of their aspiring managers.



Through a combination of leadership development workshops and executive coaching, the TalentLink designed a bespoke programme dedicated to developing the communication and presentation skills of Go Ahead’s aspiring management team.  The notable development and career advancement of many of the delegates saw the TalentLink establish an on going partnership with the Go Ahead Group.


Effective Communication



Designed to directly improve the communication skills of Go-Ahead’s aspiring management team. This module allowed delegates to identify the components of effective communication and develop skills and techniques to understand individual preferences in communication whilst developing the ability to tailor messages to suit individual needs.





In addition to the module programme, aspiring managers at the Go-Ahead group had a programme of executive coaching included; to further embed and develop their specific knowledge and skills. The coaching programme allowed Go-Ahead’s aspiring managers to develop their own unique personal development plan and further develop communication and presentation skills.


Powerful Presentations



Focusing on the planning, structure and delivery of high impacting presentations, this module focused on the development of powerful presentation skills in Go-Ahead’s aspiring management team. Designed to focus on the ability to; capture, engage and stimulate audiences, this session allowed Go-Ahead’s aspiring managers experience and feedback on their delivery approach and style.

Key Achievements:


The programme was an extremely effective means of increasing confidence, personal impact and motivated. As a result the Go-Ahead Group saw increased personal effectiveness and productivity from the team.


Improved cross team collaboration and best practice through the cohort was successful in designing a new communication system, which was implemented by the group.


Over 70% of aspiring managers were promoted to management positions within 9 months, 6 months ahead of schedule.

“The TalentLink’s training programmes offer high impacting leadership developing. Using a bespoke approach, the TalentLink have been able to fast track many of our aspiring managers to positions of senior authority.”

Amy Crews, Talent Manager, Go Ahead Group 


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