There are 4 key stages that we go through in order to deliver a robust and highly impactful training programme for your business:



We use leading research and expert insights relevant to your industry to design a tailored training programme for your business. When writing the training content for you, we spend time getting to know your organisation, understanding your values and interviewing successful leaders to help us instil your mission and standards. This all allows us to develops dynamic programme that is sure to have a lasting impact on participants.


Accrediting your programme with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) allows course delegates to receive an internationally recognised qualification in leadership and management. We can combine the tailored edge of your programme with full professional accreditation, resulting in an effective and engaging course for developing your future leaders.



We have a range of experienced leadership coaches on hand to deliver your programmes, and we use a tutor matrix to select the most appropriate for you based on their knowledge, skills, competencies and delivery style. On the day, our leadership coaches create an interactive environment using action learning, coaching and facilitating techniques to develop the skills and behaviours needed for long term success.


Even when the training sessions are over, the journey for your future leaders is only just beginning. To support this, we provide ongoing learning opportunities through the construction of programme summary documents and coaching interventions to fast-track the development of skills within participants and help them take their career to the next level.



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