Leadership Development For: Aspiring & Practicing Managers

With over 400 stores across 21 European countries, Tiger Retail has consistently grown its presence in the UK retail market. Employing over 250 staff, Tiger Retail and the TalentLink partnered in 2014 to instill a coaching culture in their organisation and develop the leadership capabilities of their aspiring and newly promoted store managers.

Working collaboratively, the TalentLink developed a fully bespoke leadership development programme for Tiger Retail’s 10 store managers. Combining leadership development workshops, action based learning sessions and executive coaching, the TalentLink designed a robust programme, which saw the managers excel within their professional careers and the TalentLink establish an ongoing partnership with Tiger Retail.

The programme was built around the following five components of leadership:




Designed to improve an individual’s self-awareness, this session opened the leadership development programme, allowing delegates to profile their current skills and abilities whilst developing their own unique personal development plan to be built upon during individual executive coaching sessions.


Communication & Conflict Management 

Focusing on strategies to improve communication within Tiger Retail, this session focused on methods underpinning successful communication. Exploring concepts relating to preferences and tailoring communicational approaches, delegates explored the importance of effective communication in the management of conflicting situations.


Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Designed to allow Tiger Retail’s managers to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make more complex and logical decisions, this session challenged the managers thinking styles drawing a distinction between the impact of decisions made by everyday thinking and those made by critical thinking.



Effective Leadership & Management

Dedicated to becoming effective as both a leader and manager within Tiger Retail this session combined primary research with the values vision and mission of Tiger Retail to allow leaders to understand and develop the knowledge, skills and behavior to become an effective leader within Tiger Retail.


Building & Developing a High Performing Team

Combining the knowledge from the previous modules, managers were able to reflect on their personal development throughout the programme, identifying how to develop their teams to become high performing. Focusing on motivation, empowerment and engagement this module allowed managers to ensure optimal performance in their teams.

Key Achievements


5/5 Star rating from delegates who attended the programme.


All aspiring managers fast tracked to management level after the programme. 


Tiger Retail embedding a coaching culture at all organisational levels.


Tiger Retail embedding a coaching culture at all organisational levels.

“With the support of the TalentLink’s Leadership Development Programme, within one month the improved performance of our store supervisors was able to pay the salaries of all of the delegates”.

Phillip Bier, Managing Director at Tiger Retail 


 “The TalentLink’s training programmes are dynamic, fresh and innovative, challenging our current thought processes and allowing us to expand our knowledge”
Adam Gacparski, Deputy Store Manager


With the help of The TalentLink’s training programme, I have been able to excel within my role and as a result, I am confident in my ability to hold greater responsibility to the same level of success”
Safina Miah, Deputy Store Manager.


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